Young adults AGES 18-30

Congratulations! You've turned 18 and have officially entered into young adulthood! You're no doubt excited, but deep down you hear that intimidating question resounding within you...

Now what?

Sure, you may have solid plans in the near future to extend your education, roll up your sleeves and hit the job market, or "take a deep breath" and relax before making any decisions. But the truth is, no matter the plans made, the transition to adulthood and finding God's perfect will for your life is a challenging, confusing, and life-altering season. But don't worry, you're not alone!

The Hyphen Young Adults ministry seeks to bridge the gap between the two worlds - adolescence and adulthood. We are committed to connecting young adults to their purpose in God and equipping them with the necessary tools to prosper. The Hyphen ministry of Hodge UPC offers a community for young adults to stay connected to what really matters, through a unique perspective of like-minded young men and women just like you.