Hodge UPC is an exciting and growing church located right off Highway 167 at the Jonesboro-Hodge line. At the core of our identity is our adherence to the Apostolic Doctrine, as demonstrated by the church described in the New Testament. We are a church built upon Bible-based preaching and teaching, prayer, sincere worship, and compassion for all people.

Our Mission

“To produce disciples of Jesus Christ who are founded on the saving Truth of His word, who live an overcoming life through the Power of His Spirit, and who witness the exciting fulfillment of every Promise God has given them.”


Promote an atmosphere of Apostolic power and principles that changes lives.

Build a balanced ministry of the Word and worship, evangelism and discipleship, fellowship and service.

Cultivate relationships within the church body that will strengthen and encourage spiritual growth.

Provide support, training, and ministry development opportunities for members as they pursue their purpose in God’s Kingdom.

Train current and future generations to be strong, stable Christians in spite of the sinful state of our time.

Continue to see miracles, signs, and wonders as well as the supernatural gifts of the Spirit that are for the church today.